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  1. https://nicky-world.com/index.php?/donate/
  2. Only VIP Members Rank holders If you can then please use the link below https://nicky-world.com/index.php?/donate/
  3. Make a request here using the main thread link Special Release [Requested/ Exclusive/ Etc]
  4. On Lite OS everything is not Supported the features needed for AutoCAD might be removed
  5. Please read the thread clearly You can change language to English Language: Spanish Es- es and other
  6. Please take a time to read the site information https://nicky-world.com/index.php?/topic/2-site-information/
  7. You want a modified version posted in the forum. You will need to donate 15 Euros. After your donation, please send @Nicky a message indicating the transaction and your nickname !
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