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  4. Bro a small request , can also add 'RAM USAGE' Information on all your work . PLZ ?
  5. the single problem with this it the taskbar you cant pin or unpin other program in taskbar The rest run perfect Thanks
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  7. شكرًا لك Nicky على تصميماتك الرائعة وتحديثها بانتظام
  8. No I mean, Do you have any iso that does windows update? No hide windows update? Even if it's vip
  9. Nicky - no seeds for torrent - could you provide direct download like Mega - thnx in advance.
  10. Nicky, I can not believe that you did this OS which I asked for it and now I see it here, But I am not VIP, so for me just teasing. But anyway thanks you listen to our wishes. Maybe you change the section - to free users.
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